Dreams Dev Is “Totally All-In” On The Game, So Don’t Expect New LittleBigPlanet

It seems unlikely that Media Molecule will return to the Little Big Planet franchise, at least not anytime soon or with a direct sequel. Studio director Siobhan Reddy said in a new interview that the studio is “all-in” on its recently launched game-creation game, Dreams, leaving no bandwidth for more LittleBigPlanet games from the team.

“We’re all-in all Dreams,” Reddy said. “That’s what we’re all doing right now. We’ve got so many plans, and we are a really small team. It’s going to take every one of us, working on it together to get through all those plans that we have.”

As Reddy mentioned, Media Molecule is a relatively small studio by AAA standards, with around 50 people on staff. The company has an extensive roadmap of ongoing support and content for Dreams, which is taking up the studio’s time currently.

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