Sea of Thieves launches micro-transaction store, includes £25 ship set

Pets have finally arrived in Sea of Thieves as part of this month’s Smuggler’s Fortune update, and with them comes the game’s new real-world cash store.

The Pirate Emporium, as Sea of Thieves’ micro-transaction marketplace is known, has been a long time coming, with Rare revealing its intentions to introduce cash purchases to its multiplayer pirate adventure well before its release last March. Now that the store is finally live, however, we can see just where it lies on the ol’ micro-transaction exploitation scale.

We had a few early hints of how Sea of Thieves’ micro-transactions would stack up earlier this week, during Rare’s Smuggler’s Run livestream, when it displayed US pricing for its premium currency, Ancient Coins. Now though, we can see UK prices for Sea of Thieves’ awkwardly sized Ancient Coins bundles, used to purchase items in the Pirate Emporium:

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